A Day in the Life

New video “Love” is now live!

Guuuuuuys! My new video ‘Love’ is live! It’s adorable. It’s a jam. It’s me pulling all of the funny faces while I sing. It’s 2mins 25secs of lolz and magic interrupting the sad things on your news feed. Huge love and thanks the legends at Songololo for filming this <3[…]

Sneak peek…

Sneak peek – a still from a live video I shot with Songololo a few weeks back that will be going live next week! I can’t wait to share this with you – it’s probably the sweetest song I’ve ever written aaaand we filmed it while riding a Ferris wheel![…]

Vote for me on the Zone Radio Top 40!

Guuuuuuys! My name is next to Karen Zoid’s on a top 40 list 😳 I’m taking this as a sign from the universe that one day I’ll get to live my dream life and share a stage with her 😉 Thanks so much to all of you who voted for my[…]


Pulled by the undertow. Thinking deeply. Feeling deeply. All these depths my friend, and nary a lifeboat in sight. (Thursdays with ee cummings, Anais Nin and Victoria Erickson) Hope today brought you some magic xx