A Day in the Life

Writing for a TV ad

I’m writing a song to be used in a television ad and at client’s request, am doing so on the piano. Wow, it has been ages since I played keys – my fingers feel so stiff and clumsy! Also, it’s an interesting experience writing to specifications when you’re used to[…]

Oh Susanna

I had the best time playing with the lovely Shotgun Tori at Tuesday night’s show. Collaborating with other musicians is just such an incredible way to refresh your connection to what you’re doing. It takes you out of this isolated solo space where your songs can become too precious and[…]


Lovelies,   Apologies for how quiet things have been on the blog front! I’ve been working on some top secret projects and deals and can’t wait to be able to share them with you 🙂   Playing a show with the beautiful Shotgun Tori next week in Cape Town –[…]


  There is no such thing as “too much purple” as evidenced by the way I pulled off this ensemble complete with matching stage lights at the Redhouse Project charity show in KZN. Yep. The desire to colour co-ordinate things is so real. Purple is just my favourite. #sorrynotsorry 😉

Everything is going to be bouquet

Dear everyone who cried at last night’s show,   I can’t describe how profound an experience it is to know that something I wrote moved you so deeply. It’s like an unseen cosmic hand quietly ties a string from my heart to yours and connects us. I don’t know you, I[…]

Dear Jozi

Dear Jozi,   I like your energy. I like your positive attitude. I like the way you hustle. I like the way you take selfies unapologetically. I like how friendly you are.  I like that you wear colour. I like that you don’t believe there is such a thing as[…]

Behind the scenes – Reflections Gig

I recently performed a show with two of my singer/songwriter friends, Dave Knowles and Nadia Kruger, where we collaborated on some of each other’s tracks. (A beautiful and terrifying experience!) Our friend Russell filmed moments of our rehearsal and put together this short clip. I think it so perfectly captures[…]

Assembly Radio – Feb 24th

I went in to Tim Smal’s show at Assembly Radio with my friends Dave and Nadia on Tuesday the 24th Feb to do a short promo for an incredible collaborative gig the three of us put together and thought you might like to hear it if you missed out 🙂[…]